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No more dropped calls. Better coverage & speed

Simple plug in the Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster and you will finally see how smart your phone can be. Cel-Fi eliminates in-building dead zones and hence reduces or eliminates dropped calls in your home or office.

For indooer ares with poor reception, Cel-Fi offers significant 3G and 4G data speed improvements, often in excess of 4 times the current rate.







High capacity and large coverage: up to 13,000 Sq. Ft.

Cel-Fi has the largest coverage footprint on the market, any building up to 13,000 Sq. Ft. and the highest gain (up to 100dB) dual-band cell phone signal booster in the market. The further you install the Coverage Unit from the Window Unit, the larger the coverage will be in your home or office.
A single unit of Cel-Fi can cover up to 60 simultaneous calls, 21 data sessions or combination of both.

Easy on battery

When your phone no longer has to use all of its energy typing to reach out to a far away cell site, it last longer and requires less charging. With Cel-Fi, a mobile phone just maintains a connection to the close-by Coverage Unit. The battery will last longer especially on smartphones, as these devices constantly check in the background for emails and other data.


Two wireless devices

Cel-Fi consists of two wireless devices, a Window unit and Coverage Unit that work together to increase 3G and 4G
mobile broadband connectivity throughout the building. The Windows Unit receives the signal from the mobile phone
network (even if only 1 bar of signal is available) and relays it to the Coverage Unit, which cleans it, converts it
and amplifies it.

The Cel-fi system is radically different from a traditional repeater, as it was designed to provide maximum coverage,
be network friendly and easily installed by the end user




Validated by all mobile operators in Malaysia.

It is the only Smart Signal Booster in the market validated and approved for use by all mobile operators in Malaysia and by more than 137 other mobile networks around the world.

All you need is one bar, to get five

All you need is one place in your home or office that gets at least one bar of 3G or 4G coverage. No extra service fees, no internet connection required. Just a little bit of even weak 3G or 4G signal and our revolutionary new Cel-Fi system will bring you blazing fast downloads, smooth internet surfing, and improved voice coverage throughout your home or office.

Cel-Fi from Nextivity Inc. San Diego, California USA

We have introduced Cel-Fi into Malaysia, a small cell solution from Nextivity Inc from San Diego, USA as our technology partner